We hope you enjoy listening to these sermons, that they bring you into a relationship with God, and that they help you walk closer with God. Here are the latest sermons organized by sermon series.

Single Sermons

Airline Baptist Church Podcast

These are sermons from guest speakers or individual sermons on a specific topic that don't belong in a series.

Where Is Your Focus?
Dr. Emir Caner
February 23, 2020
What's Stopping You?
Andrew Fogarty
March 1, 2020
Palm Sunday and Communion
Pastor Mike Dorough
April 5, 2020
Gospel Centered Unity
Algernon Tennyson
June 14, 2020
Dynamic Faith in Difficult Days
Pastor Mike Dorough
September 1, 2020

Be Transformed

How should we live as Christians? Transformed! We'll look at Romans 12 and Paul's instructions for believers to live a new kind of way.

How To Shape Up!
Pastor Mike Dorough
October 13, 2019
Who Do You Think You Are?
Pastor Mike Dorough
October 20, 2019
Transformational Call
Mr. Chase Reed
October 27, 2019
How To Live A Championship Life!
Pastor Mike Dorough
November 3, 2019
How To Enjoy Transformational Relationships!
Pastor Mike Dorough
November 17, 2019

Family Matters

God has a lot to say about the family, for adults and kids, married people and singles, old and young. We're going to explore what God says and how we can have an amazing family life thanks to the instructions found in God's word.

A Marriage That Sizzles Part 1
Pastor Mike Dorough
September 8, 2019
A Marriage That Sizzles Part 2
Pastor Mike Dorough
September 15, 2019
Raise Them Up
Pastor Mike Dorough
September 22, 2019
Make Your Parents Proud
Pastor Mike Dorough
September 29, 2019